Coca-Cola Ghana Young Leaders Award💢✨💫💥 

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. Trust yourself. Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.  Thanks Coca-Cola for this recognition. I dedicate this 1stly to God,  my mum ( VAK ) , Ahmed ,Kathy & Araba .  #Coke60YoungLeadersAward #GhYouDeyForm


2017 – Year Of Leadership

To my fellow social entrepreneurs (& leaders):

In 2017 (& beyond); let’s get down to real business. Abandon the “social media leader” life. Making self-congratulatory statuses with no added benefit to your organization’s work belongs to 2016. Rather, I hope we opt for many days offline, thinking deeper and reading wider about the work of service we’ve been called to. Choose to deeply connect with the people you work for, and with. Then execute, execute, execute! 
In 2017 (& beyond); let us also put our egos aside and welcome healthy criticisms as opportunities for growth. May we be endowed with the wisdom to appreciate the individual(s) whose seed knowledge, efforts and wisdom made possible the reality of our work today. Not doing so is a sure recipe for eventual doom of our work. May we all go forth and impact more lives this year! #GodBeWithUs #StillWeRise #YearOfLeadership

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Write Up Source : New Year Facebook Status is Shadrack Osei Fimpong.

Never Say Never


How I see all this is that. Much of StartUpGh sucess had arisen from the fact that, throughout  the past 22 months. I have repeatedly pushed myself out of my comfort zone in order to take on new challenges and deal with new situations. Regardless of the circumstances and challenging environment I find my self.

My entrepreneurial path is a controversial one. But with time it will all make sense. Looking back I realise most of the decisions I am taking have being born out of courage and self belief. The life of the Phoenix bird is the kind I live.

Self belief particularly becuz most of my entrepreneurial ambitions  always meet
some scepticism.

I always say my ultimate goal is to become one of Africas Youngest Most Successful Entrepreneurs ( Like Aliko Dangote ) but at a younger age.

Through my interactions with most people in Ghana, I have noticed that when someone has a very good idea, it upsets people. When the idea is flourishing then real jealousy and a PHD ( Pull Him Down ) mentality sets in.
My constant mantra besides being a fearless Phoenix is to own your journey and not live someone dream of you.

My Leaderships Reflection highlights from Jan 2016

~ Never , ever give up
~ Make is cer very clear what you are doing and why you are doing it. Publicly and intentionally.
~ Don’t  waste time on does who don’t understand your journey and vision.
~ Sometimes you cannot make a big leap not only losrs of little improvesmemt
In the end or all sum up into a big improvement and growth.



The joy of meeting people , changing/impacting destines ,spreading the knowledge & being busy for good is inexpressible. but I don’t think that I am doing anything out of the ordinary. I see the problems that many around me face, and although I may not have the answer to every problem, I try to remind people that there is a solution.

#StyleEntry _ Because Its Cool To Give.


Its cool to impact and develop the next frontier of Ghanaian entrepreneurial leaders with little Resources.

I wonder what we can do with more resources and funding.

Awaken Your Aliveness With Mo.Issa


I wake up everyday to discover my aliveness so that I can inspire the world and continue on my journey of massive impact.

5 Things I would Tell Every 20-Year-Old. From Mo. Issa

I  Would I have been someone better and had achieved more? Logic and reason often discourage adventure and as such it would have prevented many of the rich experiences I had between 18-20

However, I’ve also discovered that several concepts when learned well at a young age, would add more to your artillery in facing the world as a 20-year old.

1)The earlier you “Know thyself”, the better

These two words are inscribed in the temple of Apollo at Delphi, almost three thousand years ago, and their wisdom still speaks loudly today.It’s essential to get to know your strengths, weaknesses and what you like doing. Do a strengths test, the Myers-Brigg personality test and ask your family and friends to guide you in knowing yourself.

It wasn’t until much later in my life that I did the Myers-Brigg personality test and found out I was an INTJ–an introverted thinker who needs a lot of time alone to be able to re-charge my batteries.

It was in complete contrast to how I was living, and it banished the thought that I was weird and different to others, and I finally understood why I craved solitude, even though I could be quite extroverted in small doses.

2) Challenge your comfort zone

Think of every successful person in any area and the chances are they all have one thing in common–from a young age, whether through circumstance or design, they had hunger and grit instilled in them, by continually pushing themselves out of their comfort zones.

Complacency creeps into our lives especially when we don’t challenge ourselves, and as we remain comfortable in our surroundings we feel at ease, and our performance becomes ordinary but never extraordinary.

Richard Branson’s mother left him to come back home alone; a thirty-minute walking distance, after a Sunday picnic, when he was only four years old.

At twenty, I wish I had run a marathon, climbed Kilimanjaro or taken a gap year exploring the world with only a backpack. These adventures would have certainly stretched my comfort zone and enriched me with wonderful experiences.

3)The Fear of missing out(FOMO) is nothing but an act of the mind.

FOMO is only a fear that the mind plays on you. As you get overwhelmed with a lot of choices, you can’t decide what’s right for you. However, when you become the only source of your self-worth, rather than pleasing others or being the cool dude, then your fears slowly disappear.

I spent a lot of my college days missing some lectures, not connecting with my family and not having enough time for myself, all because I didn’t want to miss out on what my friends were doing. I wanted so desperately to belong.

The reality is that when you miss one party, or you don’t like playing cards, but your friends do. You won’t miss much; you won’t lose yourself and your friends won’t suddenly dump you.

4)Find your creative self-expression

Find a creative pursuit that piques your interest, something that you are willing to spend enough time to be good at. It could be writing, painting, landscape photography, or surfing big waves, and make sure it becomes your own thing where time just simply passes by as you are “in the zone.”

Here, you would self-express and allow your inner self to come out and meet your outer world. It’s where all the stress of impending exam results, job interview replies and end of year business results fade away if only for a few minutes a day.

At the age of 40, I found writing and it’s that one thing that I’m willing to put in long hours so that I become good at it. I’ve pushed my comfort zone in joining groups, taking writing lessons, taking time off to write daily, all because my heart smiles when I share my inner self with the world. ( Same Feeling I am having now )

5)Money doesn’t matter, but it also does.

It’s important that you understand and define your relationship with money. Money is important but only as a tool, and you must remember that it’s only a means to an end rather than the end itself.

Don’t make the reason you want to earn money so that you can get the yacht, the penthouse in New York or the Chanel bag. Rather the reason to make money should only be a measure of the success of your career or the business you’ve set up and want to grow. Money should be able to gauge where you are and how far you want to go.

Money can give you comfort, security, and make life fun but it will never give you satisfaction or infuse meaning into your daily life.

I learned this lesson the hard way as I faced a traumatic time in my life when within six months, my business was nearly bankrupt, and my nephew suffered a near fatal accident.And It wasn’t till then that I truly understood that life was not about money but all about self-growth and contributing to society and you don’t need money for either of these.

I wish I knew all these concepts when I was 20, as it would have accelerated my growth and given me more time to make a difference in this life.

And if these words don’t reach me in my next life as a 20-year-old, then I’m hoping it could at least reach one 20-year-old in this lifetime



Thanks for sharing these wonderful  Insights. Your TedxAccra Talk is still one that awakens my aliveness.

I look forward to the day I will have a personal conversation with you. I have admired you from afar for too long.


Mohamed Issa Issa
Is the founder of an NGO called Born to be free foundation .which helps underprivileged kids with an opportunity for. a better life. He is a qualified life coach.